Test run for Schools

After winning the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2023 Essence Film Festival, we launched efforts in the fall to conduct a test-run of the movie, Fast Dreams.

First, we needed to determine if schools would order buses and send students, and, if so, what impact seeing the film would have on teachers’ and students’ education.

From November 3rd – 9th 2023, we invited students to see the film at the Regal Atlas Park theater and we designed basic educational materials for teachers to use in a Q & A format in the classroom afterwards.

In just one week, 1500 kids and teachers from 17 schools enthusiastically took field trips to see Fast Dreams.

That’s more than the Taylor Swift movie, more than the Exorcist, and more than the Halloween horror movie (Five Nights) that led the nation.

In fact, according to the box office, Fast Dreams finished number 1 in the Regal Atlas Park Theater (for that week) beating Taylor Swift, the Exorcist, and Five Nights head-to-head.

In addition, despite being in only one theater, Fast Dreams was ranked number 82 in the country out of 823 movies at the box office.

In fact, based on average earnings per theater (per screen average), Fast Dreams was ranked number one in the entire United States for that week.

This proves, without a doubt, that schools are happy and eager to send their students and that we are indeed on the right track.

To get even more data, we conducted a teacher’s survey of the attendees, and this is what we found:

46% of respondents took away the following message, “the importance of hard work and determination”.

55% of respondents said they believed the film is impactful for boys, while 100% said it is impactful for girls.

91% of respondents said the kids participated in classroom discussions, and 73% said the classroom work was very valuable.

100% said the experience was a positive one for teachers.

These results were surprising and overwhelming.

From here, we are seeking (1) support from school systems around the country to fund kids to see the movie at Regal and AMC theaters, and (2) national and local sponsors to purchase tickets for schools to bring their kids to see the movie.

Your contribution to having all school kids in the nation see Fast Dreams at a theater and then participate in classroom discussions about the film’s message could activate change and positively impact futures.

That is the dream we dare to dream and we invite you to join our team.

Let’s win together !

99 Ways Entertainment