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The film lays before us the risks involved in chasing a dream.

Filmed over 17 years, this story is a rollercoaster ride from Bianca’s early teens in Mississippi to her early 30’s – through the peaks and valleys of a fractured family life, high-school, college, professional track & field, the Olympics, motherhood and ultimately giving back to the youth through coaching.

During this journey, Bianca wins up the ranks, falls, gets back up and wins Olympic gold. The film continues for years beyond Gold, by exploring her happiness and overall purpose in life.

The documentary puts Bianca’s Olympic journey into the rearview mirror revealing a much larger perspective for the audience as a takeaway.

Through Bianca’s failures and success in Women’s Sports, we see a young girl grow into a woman under her mother’s unrelenting will; a will born out of a parent’s shortcomings and yearning as a single-mom.

The result we see is Bianca developing a determination and resilience that propels her dreams into reality. The adrenaline fueling Bianca’s sense of purpose, independence, strength of character and growth are visible and infectious.

In this age of hopelessness, daring to dream and the roles that courage, failure, determination, and family play in the success and failures in one’s life are tantamount lessons to teach future generations.

Bianca’s journey is proof that no matter what you encounter in life, you must use difficult situations as trials to help you accomplish your goals, even if failure is the fate you ultimately meet.

The audience soon learns that Bianca’s mother, Annie Knight, used her own shortcomings in her young life as a line she simply will not let her daughter cross.

It is precisely the story of fortitude and resilience that many today need to see.